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Money saving Foot care for Older People

 Money saving Foot care for Older People
Posted on April 20, 2016
Archive : April 2016
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**Disclaimer - This is a guest blog by SimplyFeet**

As we get older, we all find that our feet, having carried us about more or less happily for many years, are now demanding a little more attention. Of course, you can simply take yourself off to the podiatrist, settle into the chair and get the podiatrist to deal with everything. But this can start to get expensive, as many foot problems in older people will recur. And many conditions are relatively minor, so they are suitable for treating at home.

Comfortable, Well-Fitting Shoes

If your feet are painful, donít make the mistake of thinking that slippers are the best option. They may be soft, but this is because they offer very little support, and they can make many conditions worse. The way you walk in slippers may change to a shuffle, meaning that your joints donít get the chance to make the feet work properly.

Podiatrists are very keen on shoes that reduce the shock when you walk on hard surfaces, whether thatís the pavement, your kitchen vinyl or wood or laminate flooring. Shoes with thick, absorbent soles stop each step jarring your feet and other bones. The professionals will often recommend running shoes. All very well - but with older people still in the workforce into their mid-sixties and later, we canít all wear running shoes to meetings and work activities.

Understanding how to take care of your feet with properly fitting shoes, no matter what the occasion, could save you a great deal of money in the long term, as you will avoid the foot problems caused by poorly made and badly fitting shoes.

Arch Supports

Foot arch support is essential for those with dropped arches or conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis in which the foot needs extra support. You can get both full-length and three-quarter insoles, depending on the type of shoes you want to wear with them.

Clippers and Nippers

Toenails can be a problem as we get older. They become somewhat tougher and more difficult to cut, and it can be difficult to reach them. Itís important to keep them cut because if they get too long, theyíll rub against the end of your shoe. This can cause soreness and, more seriously, infection and ulcers. Of course, you can get a podiatrist or nail technician to cut them, either on a home visit or at their consulting room.But it can be a lot more cost-effective to try home nail care options.

Dry Skin Solutions

Dry skin on your heels and the soles of your feet can lead to cracking, soreness, itching and a host of other discomforts. But there is a whole range of solutions to help with these common problems, including creams, lotions and other treatments. First, get rid of as much of the hard skin as possible using a pumice, rasp or foot file. 

If the problem is not too bad - or for maintenance once youíve got it under control - you can use exfoliators and scrubs when youíre having a bath or shower. Once youíve got rid of as much dry skin as possible, you then need to apply cracked heels cream. It is also important that you moisturise very frequently to keep the dry skin at bay. 

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