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Staying active when you're tied to your desk

Staying active when you're tied to your desk
Posted on March 30, 2016
Archive : March 2016
Category : News
In today's world of rising obesity rates, diabetes and heart attacks in increasingly younger people, it has never been more apparent that we need to stay healthy and active. Eating the wrong diet or not getting your daily fix of exercise can lead to many health problems, not least with your feet. Excess weight can put strain on your legs and feet, the wrong footwear certainly doesn't help, and if you have got diabetes, peripheral neuropathy is a major factor to consider. However, it can be difficult to remain active when you're sat at a desk for 40 hours of your week.

Office jobs are tough environment when it comes to moving around and keeping fit. The hours go by and you find you've been sat in the same position since that morning. There are, of course, sit-stand desks and ergonomically designed chairs, which were all the rage when they first appeared on the scene. It was then soon discovered by researchers that standing or sitting is still being idle or inactive, and these gadgets have little to no difference on your health or wellbeing. On the other side of the argument though, sitting was found to be no worse than standing, and regular exercise inbetween work at the desk can be the best solution.

This recent article from the Daily Mail suggests some quick and useful ways to get around the desk job fitness issue, suggesting 10 minute bursts walking up the stairs or around the office can do wonders for your body and wake you up. A change of scene to go and take a walk outside will help stop you getting that 5pm brain, and you may find you're more efficient when you're keeping active.
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