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Quite simply we developed Solesee to help reduce the number of avoidable foot problems associated with diabetes and other illnesses that can adversely affect your feet. The sad state of affairs is that, in many cases, people who might be suffering from diabetes don’t realise that foot health issues are a key concern of their condition. Essentially, if you have diabetes, you should be checking your feet every day.

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At Solesee we recognised a few years ago that people with diabetes were not aware that they should be checking their feet or were not checking them often enough to help prevent issue appearing in the first place. A small cut or a blister can quickly become ulcerated and then infected. This situation was echoed by podiatrists and specialist shoe fitters that we spoke to. Even some GPs are not always able to spot the symptoms of diabetic foot conditions, as they can quickly occur between scheduled appointments.

We quickly realised that there is an overall lack of awareness from people with diabetes that they should be checking their feet every day for any signs of a cut or a blister, a build of dry skin or changes to the general condition of their feet (click here for more information).  Recent statistic from Diabetes UK, indicates that there are now 140 diabetes related lower limb amputations a week, in England alone, (of which 80% are avoidable) confirming that awareness around this issue needs to increase.

However, in today’s society, the onus is on the individual with diabetes to understand the risks associated with their condition. This includes spotting any issues with their feet as soon as they occur. So doing a simple foot inspection task at home, on a daily basis, is the most cost effective way to achieve this.

But we know from research that this is not easy to do. Looking at the whole of the bottom of your foot is tricky, even for the most able bodied and fit amongst us! So at Solesee our aim is to educate and help people to perform this task easily and simply at home, as spotting a potential foot problem is vital in the fight against foot ulcers and amputations – and could be the difference between life and death.

Solesee - developed with patients and professionals in mind

Trials of the Solesee Foot Inspection Mirror were carried out with both podiatrists and people with diabetes who had existing foot problems relating to their illness.  Results from these trials were fed into the design and development of the Solesee mirror now in production.

The potential benefits ofHands holding feet the Solesee Foot Inspection Mirror were obvious, even in the early development stages as Jim Tunley, who has Type II diabetes and was involved in the trial for the original design prototype, explains:

“Some months ago I cut the bottom of the big toe on my right foot. The cut was quite small but the lack of circulation due to my diabetes nearly caused me to lose my right leg from just below the knee. When I first saw Solesee I realised straight away that it would have been ideal to enable me to examine my toe very easily. Examining the end of my big toe is a problem. If I had had access to Solesee when I first cut my toe I could have saved myself months of misery and worrying.”

Professional endorsement

“Working in the NHS for over 20 years I had the opportunity to treat a wide range of foot problems. Providing tailored foot health advice for my patients was a key part of my care. This included advising patients to regularly check their feet; especially those with conditions that put their feet at risk of developing problems. Many patients found this a struggle – being unable to bend their knees or hips comfortably to raise their feet to a level that meant they could see them, especially the soles. Patients with failing eyesight found this simple task difficult. Some patients who lived alone could not guarantee regular help to check their feet.

Solesee is an elegant solution to these barriers. I am very impressed with the ingenuity and thought that has obviously gone into developing the product. Solesee is such a simple yet fantastic solution! It is a product I would recommend to my patients and suggest to other practitioners”.

Dr Jane McAdam BSc (Hons) PhD FFPM RCPS (Glasg) - Director Prosthetics & Orthotics and Podiatry, University of Salford

This sentiment is echoed by Duncan Stang - National Diabetes Foot Co-ordinator for Scotland. He sees a clear role for the use of Solesee in clinics and by patients:

"I was given a Solesee mirror and the feedback I have had from patients and colleagues has been fantastic. I am very keen on patients taking more control of their own foot management/foot checks. I think this device might help promote this ethos”.

Solesee is now synonymous with foot health education especially for those people diagnosed with, or the potential to develop, a diabetic foot condition.  The Solesee Foot Inspection Mirror has been specifically designed for people with diabetes to easily check the soles of their feet.  Buy online here.

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